TCC Council Minutes Summary
September 13, 2017
*Meeting began at the Property.  Discussions following walk.
*Pastor Mike reported about Visitors positive comments, nice turnout at
Summer Bible Study, Book Signings, request for Church camera (approved)
*Pat reported for Fellowship September hot dog roast, October looking
into movie event, November annual Thanksgiving meal.
*Connie reported that Relief offerings sent thru UMCOR; other monies
donated to support shoes for IRSchools, Denner concert, Joy Fellowship
and the Lord’s Kitchen food banks.
*Bob reported for Property that Reiman put a water barrier on the
foundation around the septic drain.

TCC Council Meeting Summary
August 9, 2017
*new Council Assignments:
Chairperson: Barbara Bergin; Vice Chair: Connie Warner; Education: Steve Hatt; Fellowship: speaking with Pat Monette; Memorials: Mike Ridley;
Missions: Connie Warner; Personnel: speaking with Barb Shade;
Property: Bob Zimmerman.
*Pastor Michael Sanders reported on the successes of the
Centennial Service and Picnic, new members joining, the importance of
the online ministry, and Summer Bible Study: Ephesians.
*John and Kate concert in August at TCC
*Defibrillator approved for purchase
*Bob reported that water in the basement is being remedied.
*Andrew proposed upgrades for the Website to allow for podcast
viewing as well as other possibilities.
*Kathy reported on Advertising: Petoskey and Cheboygan papers,
Christopher’s and Wilson’s placemats.

TCC Council Meeting Summary
July 12, 2017
*Barbara reported a grant has been submitted for defibrillator for the Church.
*Pastor reported about the Centennial Celebration: Worship and Potluck;
current sermon series about the Apostle’s Creed; August Bible Study
on Ephesians: Life in the Real Church, meeting Saturdays, 10:30-11:15am.
*Personnel Chair, Barbara, introduced Laurie Majors, the newly hired Treasurer.
*Property Chair, Bob, informed that Stan’s Electric finished putting in Emergency
Lights in all bathrooms; a new lawn care service has been hired.
Paul reported for Missions that June recipients included Mercy Corp, Feeding
America, Joy Fellowship, and the Lord’s Kitchen.