Topinabee Community Church is in the midst of change and renewal!  We have remodeled our Education and Nursery rooms as we move forward raising our young ones in the faith.  We are reaching out to the un-churched with advertising and direct mail.  We are getting ready to re-launch our Summer Services - an alternative time to Worship in the Faith.

In the midst of change, we can be tempted to let little things and non-essential issues grow out of proportion and steal our joy.  Let us never take our eyes off of why God placed our church here:
-to deepen our personal relationship with God       through Christ
       -to help others discover forgiveness and joy in Christ
       -to help others in need

Topinabee Community Church is an interdenominational church. We are dedicated to living and sharing the good news of Jesus Christ.

Have faith. It all comes right. Pastor Mike

Barbara Bergin and Connie Dinner were elected to the Church Council at the annual meeting.  A big thank you to Art Mills and Tom Enck for their service on the Council.

An 8 week course, Experiencing God, will be led by Pastor Mike, beginning July 18, 9:15-10:15 am. It is not to late to attend this series.



The TCC picnic will be August 2 at the pavilion in the Topinabee park at 12:15. The Church has invited the Topinabee Community to attend the picnic as part of our outreach to the community.  Encourage your friends and neighbors to attend. Bring a dish or two to pass and you own plate and silverware. 

Barbara Bergins "kids" -Lucy and John, made their annual trip to Mullett Lake and performed their beautiful music for the congregation.  They were joined by their friend Emy Hardy, a University of Massachusetts student.  Lucy lives in Austin, Texas continuing her career in musc and John is a junior at Amherst.


The Choir held a party for Heather to honor her many years of service to the Church Music Ministry. More photos in the photo gallery.

Bible readings for July 27-August 7 can be found under the Bible Readings tab on this site.


Topinabee Community Church is offering informal small group adult Bible studies this spring.  Interested participants can call Karen Vance at 989-245-6080.  The gatherings begin at 1:00 on the 2nd and 4th Tuesday of each month. and will explore topics such as ‘Speaking Wisely’, ‘Growing Through Life’s Challenges’, and ‘Prayer’.  Join us in our friendly walk through the Bible.




Then Why Do We Need God?
         Friends, I’m on a personal spiritual retreat for the next several days and will not be at my computer much. Among other things during this time, I’m considering a quote I ran across in an old journal I kept while attending a workshop several years ago. It goes something like this:
 “If we determine our church budget based solely on what we have at hand, why do we need God?”
As I’ve reflected upon some of the implications, I’ve at least gotten this far: If we run our church this way, we are running it no differently than if we didn’t believe in God at all.
Have faith. It all comes right. – Pastor Mike 
What’s in Your Hand?
“The Lord said to him, ‘What is that in your hand?’ He said, ‘A staff.’” Exodus 4.2. NRSV
July 15, 2015
             Moses balked at his calling. He said that no one would believe he was from God. God asked him what was in his hand. Moses answered, “A staff”. From that day his simple staff became a powerful symbol of God’s presence.
David walked down to the stream, looked around, and picked up a few smooth stones. Then he dropped a giant.
When Jesus set about changing the world, he put his team together. He traveled to Jerusalem to find the most learned priests. He visited the local seminary to seek out the best and brightest, those with Phi Beta Kappa potential.
Wait. He didn’t do that. He looked around Galilee and picked eleven local boys to be the core leadership of the coming church and used them to change everything.    
When God looks at our churches and starts picking His team, the odds are we are the ones He plans to use. So, what’s in your hand?

 Prayer: Lord, there is little in my hands, but little is much when You are with me.
 Are There Any Volunteers? 
 “As Jesus was walking along, he saw a man called Matthew sitting at the tax booth; and he said to him, “Follow me.” And he got up and followed him.” Matthew 9.9. NRSV
 July 14, 2015
         It has finally occurred to me that Jesus never asked for volunteers. As I perused the Book of Acts, neither did the early church.
         When Jesus called His disciples, He went to them and said, “Come, follow me.”
         When the church needed the first deacons, they search for those they thought suitable.   
         I did not volunteer for the ministry. I had other plans for my life. But, in the way that God speaks to me, God called me into ministry.
         It has been my experience that churches seem to be endlessly looking for volunteers and often come up a little short. I can’t help but wonder if we’re doing something wrong? 
Prayer: Lord, I know You haven’t stopped calling us to various works for You. Perhaps some of us have stopped listening.      
A Patch on the Screen Door
Clean out the old yeast so that you may be a new batch.” 1 Corinthians 5.7a NRSV
July 7, 2015 
         When we decided to buy our home ten years ago, the view was a huge factor. We could sit at the meal table and through the French doors we had a fabulous view any time of the day or any season. There was one tiny, tiny flaw. The screen door had small patch on it.       
         Over the years, we talked about replacing the door, especially after Max decided he wanted out immediately. He hit the door with enough force to knock it off its track. It never quite slid smoothly again. But we had other more pressing house projects.
         Not long ago, Kathy said, “Do we really need that screen door? Do we ever use it?” With allergies as a consideration, we never open the screen door to “fresh” air. For years we fought the stiffness of the door and mumbled about the poor patch job. We put up with it just because it had always been there.
         I took it down that day and we have never missed it.
         How many “screen doors” do we have in our lives?  They seem to have always been there, but we never use them or at least not any more. They take up space, they have to be cleaned and we waste energy complaining about them.
         Time to remodel.
 Prayer: Lord, help me clear the clutter out of my life that seems to exist only to keep me from something better.